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Today our Fantastik Kashmir Tulpan Fan-Fan participated in the national dog show in Siauliai (Lithuania) and won CAC, BOO, N and finished Lithuanian Champion title. Judge: Miroslaw Redlicki (Poland).

09.10.2008: We have puppies again!!! Today our little Monty gave birth to 5 little babies: three hairless boys, two powder puff boys. Cory again is the father of the litter. More information in Puppies.

06.10.2008: We have puppies!!! Today Roxy gave birth to 5 wonderful puppies: two hairless girls, one hairless boy, one powder puff girl and one powder puff boy. Cory is the father of the litter. More information in Puppies.

14.09.2008: Today our dog Fantastik Kashmir Tulpan Fan-Fan participated in the specialty shows for 9 group FCI in Riga organized by the Pug Club of Latvia and received CAC, BOB. Judge: Bengt-┼ke Bogren (Sweden). Fantastik Kashmir Tulpan Fan-Fan finished Latvian Champion title. See the pictures here.

23.08.2008: At the national show in Vaimela (Estonia) Mit Rococco Rouber Zlat received CAC, BOO. Judge: Brigita Vitolina (Latvia). By results of this show Mit Rococco Rouber Zlat finished Estonian and Baltic Champion titles.

26-27.07.2008: At the national shows in Marupe (Latvia) Bushardon Nataki Fanrock debuted in intermediate class and received 2 x CAC. Judges: Inessa Pablaka (Latvia) and Anne Sume (Estonia). See the pictures here.

14.06.2008: Today our dogs participated in the international dog show in Ozolnieki (Latvia). Judge: Gabriela VEIGA (Portugal). See the pictures here.
Our results:
Mit Rococco Rouber Zlat - CACIB, BOO, qualified for cruft 2009.
Our puppy Bernadin Nataki Fanrock - JCAC, qualified for cruft 2009.

24.05.2008: Our results of the national show in Plunge (Lithuania): Fantastik Kashmir Tulpan Fan-Fan - open class winner, 2nd best male, CAC. Judge: Julija Aidietiene (Lithuania).

27.04.2008: At the national show in Panevezys (Lithuania) our Fantastik Kashmir Tulpan Fan-Fan became the best junior and best of breed (JCAC, JN, Best Junior, BOB) and finished his Lithuanian Junior Champion title. Judge: Brigita Vitolina (Latvia).

15.03.2008: At the international dog show "Latvian Winner 2008" in Riga (Latvia) our Fantastik Kashmir Tulpan Fan-Fan got his first CACIB. Judge: Ligita Zake (Latvia).

28.02.2008: The update of the English version of our site has been completed. The Russian version of this site is going to be updated in a few days.

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