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What You'll Need for Your New Puppy

Posted by loco-rb on April 17, 2009 at 6:37 AM

A first time puppy owner will need quite a few things to start off with, and it's best if you've acquired these items before you bring your new pet home.

Must Haves

  • Bowls, one for water, one for food. The smaller the puppy, the smaller the bowl. You'll probably need to upgrade in size as your puppy grows.
  • Leash. There are different widths and strengths available, get the right size for your pup.
  • Collar. It is best to get one that will fit properly now, but can be enlarged. An average goes through a LOT of collars during the growing stages. Be prepared.
  • Good quality food. The best is to have premium or super premium dry food for puppies that the dog breeder recommends. Your new puppy deserves a high quality food to get the best start in life.
  • Poo/pee puppy pads. Disposable pads are useful as a training aid for puppies. They are absorbent and the top is a plastic polyethelene which makes the pads leakproof.
  • A good supply of paper towels.

Here is a list of optional puppy supplies you may need, but do not need the very first day you bring your new pet home.

Optional supplies

  • Dog bed or crate (if you are crate training)
  • Nail trimmers
  • Appropriate chew toys. There are many options so take your time and choose wisely. Look for sturdy, well constructed toys with no loose or sharp parts and stay away from cheap plastic or rubber toys which can be easily broken or torn up - that can lead to choking, digestive problems, cut mouths and all kinds of problems.
  • Clothes for hairless puppy
  • Grooming equipment. It is not recommended to use people's shampoo, because dogs have different PH and human shampoo can damage their skin. Use dog professional cosmetics (shampoo and conditioner). Good companies of dog cosmetics are Plush Puppy, Crown Royal, All Sistems, Laser Lites, BioGroom, Iv San Bernard, ReQual, Pure Paws,  Jean Pierre Héry, RING 5, Vellus, Petsilk, etc.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush

And finally, make sure you have a good digital camera!

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