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Dog Shows in the Blatics in 2010

Posted by loco-rb on January 5, 2010 at 4:01 AM

Dog shows for chinese crested dogs in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in 2010




09.01EstoniaTartuNatNational All Breeds ShowClick 
10.01EstoniaVaimastvereSpecShow for Groups VIII and IX
24.01LithuaniaKaunasNatNational All Breeds ShowClick 
13.02EstoniaTallinnIntInternational Dog ShowClick 
20.02LatviaValmieraNatNational All Breeds ShowClick 
21.02LatviaValmieraNatNational All Breeds ShowClick 
21.02LithuaniaPanevėžysNatNational All Breeds ShowClick 
27.02LatviaRigaSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI groupClick 
28.02LatviaRigaSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI groupClick 
06.03LatviaDaugavpilsNatNational All Breeds ShowClick 
06.03EstoniaTallinnNatNational All Breeds Show
13.03LatviaRigaSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI group  
13.03LithuaniaVilniusIntInt. show “Lithuanian Winner 2010”Click 
14.03LithuaniaVilniusIntInt. show “Vilnius Cup 2010”Click 
28.03LatviaRigaIntInt. show “Latvian Winner 2010”Click 
10.04EstoniaRakvereNatNational All Breeds ShowClick 
17.04EstoniaSillamäeNatNational All Breeds ShowClick 
25.04LithuaniaPanevėžysNatNational All Breeds Show  
08.05LithuaniaJonavaNatNational All Breeds ShowClick 
09.05EstoniaHarju mkSpecSpeciality Show for English Bulldog and breeds from Group IX (except Boston Terriers and Poodles)  
15.05LithuaniaAlytusNatNational All Breeds Show  
22.05LithuaniaPlungeNatNational All Breeds Show  
23.05LithuaniaKlaipedaNatNational All Breeds Show  
23.05LatviaRigaSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI group  
23.05EstoniaHarju mkSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI groupClick 
29.05LithuaniaUkmergeSpecCompanion dog club show  
30.05LithuaniaUkmergeNatNational All Breeds Show  
05.06LithuaniaKaunasNatNational All Breeds Show  
05.06EstoniaTallinnSpecSpeciality Show for Spaniels from Groups VII, VIII and IX  
06.06LithuaniaKaunasNatNational All Breeds Show  
06.06EstoniaTallinnIntInt. show "Estonian Winner 2010"Click 
12.06LatviaOzolniekiIntInt. show „Cruft’s qualification show’2010”Click 
13.06LatviaOzolniekiIntInternational showClick 
19.06LithuaniaMoletaiIntInt. show “Aukstaitijos Summer 2010"  
20.06LithuaniaMoletaiIntInt. show “Moletai Cup 2010"  
27.06LithuaniaMarjampoleNatNational All Breeds Show  
03.07LithuaniaSiluteNatNational All Breeds Show  
03.07EstoniaHarju mkNatNational All Breeds Show  
04.07LatviaRigaSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI groupClick 
10.07EstoniaRäpinaNatNational All Breeds Show  
11.07EstoniaTartuNatNational All Breeds Show  
17.07EstoniaPärnuIntInternational showClick 
18.07EstoniaHaapsaluNatNational All Breeds Show  
18.07LatviaOgreNatNational All Breeds Show  
24.07LithuaniaUkmergeNatNational All Breeds Show  
24.07LatviaRigaSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI group  
24.07LatviaMarupeNatNational All Breeds Show  
25.07LatviaMarupeNatNational All Breeds Show  
31.07EstoniaTallinnNatNational All Breeds Show  
01.08EstoniaTallinnNatNational All Breeds Show  
06.08LithuaniaDruskininkaiIntInt. show “Dzukijos Summer 2010"  
07.08LithuaniaDruskininkaiIntInt. show “Druskininku Summer 2010"  
08.08LithuaniaDruskininkaiSpecCompanion dog club show  
14.08EstoniaVäimelaNatNational All Breeds Show  
15.08EstoniaTartuSpecShow for Groups VIII and IX  
15.08LatviaRēzekneNatNational All Breeds Show  
21.06EstoniaTallinnIntInternational show  
22.06EstoniaTallinnIntInternational show  
04.09EstoniaTallinnSpecShow for Groups II and IX  
04.09LithuaniaVilniusNatNational All Breeds Show  
05.09LithuaniaVilniusNatNational All Breeds Show  
12.09LatviaRigaSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI groupClick 
12.09LithuaniaKaunasNatNational All Breeds Show  
12.09EstoniaHarju mkNatNational All Breeds Show  
19.09LithuaniaPanevėžysNatNational All Breeds Show  
25.09LatviaRigaSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI group  
09.10LatviaValmieraNatNational All Breeds Show  
10.10LatviaRigaSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI group  
10.10LithuaniaŠiauliaiNatNational All Breeds Show  
16.10EstoniaRakvereNatNational All Breeds Show  
23.10LithuaniaVilniusIntInt. show "Vilnius Autumn 2010"  
24.10LithuaniaVilniusIntInternational show  
30- 31.10LatviaRigaIntInt. show "Baltic Winner 2010"  
6- 7.11EstoniaTartuIntInternational show  
13.11LatviaRigaSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI group  
27.11EstoniaSillamäeNatNational All Breeds Show  
11.12LatviaLiepājaNatNational All Breeds Show  
12.12LatviaRigaSpecSpeciality show for IX FCI groupClick 
18.12LithuaniaVilniusIntInt. show "Vilnius Winter 2010"  
19.12LithuaniaVilniusIntInt. show "Christmas Cup 2010"  

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